Детский марафон 2019


If you are reading this text, then we are already friends! No high scale event can not exist without volunteers in all countries of the world. Before creating a unique series of starts, we spent a lot of time participating in charity races and studying the work of volunteers. We saw their mistakes and their victories. We understood that the work of the volunteers and their merits are very valuable. During the participation in one of the most famous marathons of the world in Paris I first saw a real life and love in works of volunteers.There were more than a thousand people who applauded throughout the running race, supported, helped, stood in the rain and wind, danced and shouted. I understood that they are not volunteers, they are ANGELS. The company "Russian Marathon" decided to change the attitude towards these wonderful people. We are opening a new century in the running industry, we are creating "Runway Angels". We invite to participate the most good-natured people, real friends, who will help us in organizing events and become members of our friendly family. We will engage in propaganda of this movement not only in our projects, but also strive to ensure that it grows and develops independently. We will recommend the best "Runway Angels" and send them to other countries of the world for the biggest racing projects. Each "Runway Angel" will have his own «small house» on our website, where statistics of his participation in the events will be kept. Anyone who is ready to give a piece of himself to the participants of marathons, receiving in return gratitude and sincere love, can become "Runway Angel". We hope that you will join a large family of "Runway Angels" and will bring joy to the participants of our projects together with us!